Nostalgia begins to take shape

Just a few minutes ago, most of Kaleidoskop left my home after discussing Nostalgia (and some other things, but more about that another time). I’ve had quite a lot of time and inspiration recently, which means that I’ve written approximately 10 000 words on the new version. Tonight, I was able to discuss what I had done with the others, as well as ask them for ideas on how to move on. There are still many uncertainties, but a few things seem to be clear. Nostalgia will…

  • contain a lot more material than the old version
  • be more structured and contain many more examples
  • be in a similar format, but with upgraded cover art
  • be publish via Publit in Scandinavia; we’re still not sure about abroad
  • be more refined, easier to understand and more professional
  • be available early in 2011
  • …be more fun than ever!

The upbeat tone of this post reflects my attitude towards the project. I feel that Nostalgia is based on a really good concept and that all that remains to be done now is to make sure that everybody else understands how good it is. That will require some inspiration and hard work, as well as help from friends and stranger alike, but most importantly, it will be fun! Expect to hear from me again soon.

Olle Linge

Jag är en person som försöker få ut det mesta i livet, just nu genom att plugga kinesiska i Taiwan. Utöver det och att skriva rollspel, skriver jag gärna annat, varav mycket hamnar på min hemsida: Övriga intressen inkluderar simhopp, träning i allmänhet, Rubiks kub, läsning och mycket annat.

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