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Kaleidoskop is a common trademark used by a group of game designers based in Linköping, Sweden. The purpose of forming Kaleidoskop is to present ourselves and our projects, and was thus primarily launched in order to facilitate publication and marketing of our games, regardless of if they are jointly or individually written. For several years, we have met regularly to play and to discuss role-playing games, so it felt only natural that we should start Kaleidoskop together.

Our name comes from an old-fashioned spelling of the Swedish word for ”kaleidoscope”, and we chose it for several reasons. To begin with, our creativity can be said to be similar to the picture one sees when peering through a kaleidoscope. Our projects are rich in colour and ever-changing; kaleidoscopic, in other words! Furthermore, it is easy to make a nice logo from the name, and the word itself looks nice in print. is a portal, which means that in most cases our games have their own respective websites rather than being promoted on itself.

In the right-hand menu are links both to published games as well as to projects that are still in the pipeline. News regarding Klaeidoskop or any of its games can naturally be found on the front page. We also have a discussion forum on (even though most discussions are in Swedish, posts in English are welcome) which can be reached by following this link. If the need to contact any of us should arise, kindly write an e-mail to ”info at kaleidoskop punkt se” or find our individual addresses on the Swedish page ”Om Kaleidoskop”.